Black British female artists ignored by UK's public

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Sept 10 (ANI): The British public turns a blind eye when it comes to the music of new black female artists in the country.

Simon Frith, chair of the Mercury Prize, claims that the British public ignores new female urban acts.

"Black female music has always had a particularly tough time," the BBC quoted Frith as saying.

"I think we've known over the years that British tastes have sort of blind-spots.

"It may be radio play or playlists, promoters or whatever it is. Some sort of music instantly has appeal, which gets lots and lots of attention.

"There's other sorts of music which will struggle whether they win the Mercury or don't win the Mercury," he stated.

At the moment, there are no black British female singers in the UK singles and albums charts, unless they have featured on a TV talent show.

"Unless you are in the mode of a certain type of entertainer it's very hard space to occupy," Frith added. (ANI)

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