Pak flood aid: US official fears "donor fatigue" might affect US-Pak relations

Written by: Nairita Das
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Islamabad, Sept 9 (ANI): A senior US military official has expressed concerns that relations between Washington and Islamabad might be adversely affected by "donor fatigue" following the unprecedented floods in Pakistan.

Though the figure of some 1,600 dead in the floods was far less as compared to the Haitian earthquake, which claimed over 200,000 lives, the extent of the damage was "unbelievable," and Pakistan might feel slighted that the US military engagement in their country was lower than that in Haiti after the earthquake this year, the Christian Science Monitor quoted Vice Admiral Michael LeFever, commander of the Office of the Defense Representative-Pakistan, as saying in a Pentagon briefing.

Some officials are concerned whether Pakistan will consider the efforts of the military, which has rescued some 12,800 people in the flood-hit areas and delivered four million pounds of food aid, enough in the wake of considerable US military aid efforts in Haiti earlier this year.

LeFever said the US military had offered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) assets to Pakistan to help determine the extent of the damage, while it had deployed such UAV assets throughout Haiti, where drone footage was used to assess the earthquake devastation.

The destruction caused by the devastating floods in Pakistan have not only left hundreds of people killed and thousands homeless, but it has also broken the back of the country's infrastructure which could set it back by years. (ANI)

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