Expert calls Winston Churchill 'letters' worth £20K 'completely spurious'

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Sep 9 (ANI): Two letters, said to be written by Winston Churchill and alleged to fetch 20,000 pounds, have been described as "completely spurious" by an expert.

The letters, from the end of 1944 and beginning of 1945, will go on auction at Barbers Auctioneers in Woking, Surrey, on Monday.

It is claimed that Churchill wrote the letters to Vivienne June Rutton Boyce, who was said to be his personal assistant.

They are signed "A. Conners" or "AC" - apparently a nickname the prime minister gave himself.

Sir Martin Gilbert, a leading authority on Churchill, said there was no record of Mrs Rutton Boyce - who was known as Lady Lisle during the war - having worked for Churchill.

"The letters are completely spurious. That it is not Winston Churchill's handwriting. He never wrote in that type of ink, or on that type of paper. I have never heard of this pseudonym," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

The letters were brought to auction by Mrs Rutton Boyce's stepson Tony Rutton Boyce.

"They are absolutely genuine. There is no reason why I would make it up," said Tony, 79, from Cobham, Surrey, said. (ANI)

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