Europe will become Muslim continent: Priest

Written by: Nitsi
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London, Sep 8: European Christians must have more children to stop the continent becoming Islamic said a Vatican official who predicted that Islam would "sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe".

Italian Father Piero Gheddo said the low birth rate of indigenous Europeans coupled with waves of Muslim immigrants could lead Europe getting dominated by Islam.

He blamed Christians for failing to live up to their own beliefs and creating a 'religious vacuum' which was being filled by Islam.

"Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families – while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth." said the priest.

"If we consider ourselves a Christian country, we should return to the practice of Christian life, which would also solve the problem of empty cradles," he added.

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