Cambridge University academics to probe 'Twilight' zone of teenage mind

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Sep 4 (ANI): Wondering why teenagers are hooked to Vampire novels and Harry Potter? The answer may not be too far as Cambridge University (CU) academics are set to have a meeting to understand this.

CU is hosting a conference looking at how the Twilight series of romantic vampire novels and similar books and films affect the brains of teenagers.

Scientists, authors and education experts will analyse whether there are "twilight zones" in the teenage brain that are affected by the material.

"Research is going on not just here but around the world into neuroscience and literature; how the teenage brain responds to narrative in the printed word, computer games, media and social media. These things can be the most important part of a teenager's life," the Daily Telegraph quoted Maria Nikolajeva, a professor of education at the university, and the organizer as saying.

"Teenagers cannot really make decisions in the same way adults can. Synapses in their brains are breaking and reforming and the chemistry of the brain is changing. So there is a social responsibility that goes with this.

"However, with most of the books and films aimed at teenagers, you find there is always some hope," she added. (ANI)

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