Brit docs remove 12 bras from dog's stomach!

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Sep 04 (ANI): A British dog underwent a surgery after X-rays revealed it had eaten 12 bras.

Sick pup Molly was seized from her owners weighing half the weight of a normal Rottweiler and suffering a swollen stomach.

When docs carried out an X-ray they were stunned to discover the dog's belly was full of underwear- including the wiring from a comedy bra.

When vet Michael Jefferson cut Molly open he removed a bundle of 12 bras worn by "a lady of a fuller figure" - which weighed 5kg.

The underwear may have been in the poor pup's belly for up to three months and would have prevented her from eating.olly's owners, Rebecca Danville, 26, and partner Stuart Lane, 28, of Grimsby, admitting animal cruelty at Grimsby Magistrates' Court on Thursday.

"She was taken to surgery and a large quantity of items of underclothing that the dog had eaten was removed," the Sun quoted Jeffreson as saying.

Molly has now been handed to new loving owners in Lincolnshire and is described as "happy" and "healthy" after making a full recovery.

Jobless Danville and Lane, who claimed they couldn't afford veterinary treatment, were banned them from keeping animals for five years, fined 100 dollars and ordered to pay 100 dollars costs. (ANI)

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