Beggar making 23k pounds a year fined in Britain

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Sep 2(ANI): A Brit scrounger, already collecting benefits, has been fined for raking in another 23,000 pounds a year as a beggar.

Scruffy Daniel Terry sat in shop doorways on a sleeping bag to convince sympathetic passers-by he was homeless.

But the former estate agent pocketed up to 50 pounds a day and about 100 pounds a day on weekends.

Terry's scam was exposed two weeks after The Sun urged readers to shop fiddlers in an attempt to scroungers welfare.

The 31-year-old was begging on the streets of Lincoln for about a year until he was cracked down.

With his 4,000 pounds a year benefits, he was making 27,000 pounds tax-free while hard-working Brits average only 25,000 pounds before tax.

"Charlatans like this leave us all worse off," the Sun quoted a TaxPayers Alliance spokesman as saying.

Terry, who has 22 convictions for minor dishonesty, admitted to begging.

He was also fined 100 pounds with 40-pound costs

"He has a home and receives benefits. It's absolutely disgraceful behaviour," said prosecutor.

Terry also said that he used to sleep in his girlfriends house.

"I was never an aggressive beggar. I was polite", said Terry. (ANI)

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