Youngest Chile miner foresaw mine disaster

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Sept 1 (ANI): Jimmy Sanchez, the youngest of 33 miners trapped in a Chilean pit for 27 days, has claimed that he had noticed rock falls while working 2,300 feet below ground at the San Jose gold and copper mine and had a premonition about a disaster in the making.

Helen Avalos, his girlfriend, claimed that Sanchez and his colleagues warned bosses, but were not heeded.

"He was afraid every time he went down there, and he said he had this feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Jimmy was terrified there might be an earthquake and he could get trapped. They warned their bosses, but nobody would listen. Nobody cared for their safety," The Sun quoted Avalos, as saying.

Meanwhile, a 31-ton drill is being used to bore through solid rock to create a rescue tunnel. It descends 50 feet a day, first making a 13-inch pilot hole, which will then reportedly be widened to pull the men up in a cage one at a time.

The rescue operation is expected to take around four months time to complete. (ANI)

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