Unity of all religions can prevent terrorism: Roemer

Posted By: Mamatha
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Varanasi, Sep 1 (ANI): U.S. Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer has said that ensuring unity among all religions would prevent terrorism from growing both India and the United State.

Addressing media persons here on Tuesday, Roemer said: "Terrorism is a global problem, a global challenge, and two democracies, two great growing democracies, United States and India, are seeing closely threat and a solution in more and more same light and through the same prism. We welcome different religions, that helps prevent terrorism, not saying that terrorist comes from specific religions."

He further said that US President Barack Obama is one, who believes in dialogue, and as such India and the US are close to signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deal with militancy.

"We are working together to try to, in more ways, 18 different ways, according to counter terrorism MoU to be signed with India on cyber security, counter terrorism, border security, maritime security, anti-piracy initiatives that will be talked about in the future," he added.

"The world is bringing us closer and closer together as two countries, because we see the enemy, we see security, we see democracy the same. We see the practice of religion being important," he said.

Talking about business prospects between the two countries, Roemer said that the US is willing to invest in India to help improve its infrastructure.

"The US businesses are willing to come in here and take risks, and help build projects, whether it is rural projects, port building projects. There are really important projects for both countries to work on in partnership together, and learn from each other. I think India will invest a trillion dollars in infrastructure in the next five to ten years," he added.

He urged India to engage in dialogue with other countries like China and Pakistan. (ANI)

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