Tsar Nicholas II's billions of pounds worth lost gold found in world's deepest lake in Siberia?

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Moscow, Sept 1 (ANI): A Russian mini-submarine may have found billions of pounds worth tsar lost gold on the floor of the world's oldest and deepest lake in Siberia.

According to the Daily Mail, explorers had been searching for treasures dating from the Bolshevik Revolution when forces loyal to the deposed royal family fled an advancing Red Army.

The Mir-2 submersible reportedly found 'shiny metal objects' on the murky lake bottom, some 1,200 feet below the surface at Cape Tolsty.

'Deep-sea vehicles found rectangular blocks with a metallic gleam, like gold, 400 metres below the surface,' said one source.

Explorers attempted to grab hold of the shiny objects with the mini-sub's manipulator arm but failed due to the loose gravel on the lake's floor.

However, the submariners have figured out the exact spot and are planning a new mission to determine if they have found the gold, and if so to bring a sample to the surface.

About 1,600 tons of gold, which could now be worth billions of pounds, was lost when anti-Communist commander Admiral Alexander Kolchak's train plunged into Lake Baikal.

Last year remnants of a train and ammunition boxes were found in the lake.

Kolchak was a hero in the First World War who later led the pro-Tsarist White Army against the Bolsheviks after the 1917 October Revolution. He had a few early successes but was eventually arrested by Lenin's henchmen and executed by firing squad in January 1920. (ANI)

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