Google unveils Priority Inbox for Gmail

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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San Francisco, Aug 31: Now, if you are a Gmail holder, you won't miss any important mails. The most important mail will be the first one in your inbox.

The search engine giant Google Inc announced the launch of Priority Inbox for Gmail, a new feature for managing massive amounts of e-mail on Monday, Aug 30 night.

Gmail Priority Inbox is an attempt by Google to solve the e-mail woes of Gmail users. The Priority Inbox uses information such as keywords, the people, which the users e-mail the most and user's e-mail habits to select the most pressing e-mails in user's inbox. Those e-mails are brought to the top of user's Gmail and marked as important so the users can deal with them first.

The Priority Inbox will separate the new e-mails as 'Important and unread' on the top, 'starred', which have been previously stamped with a star and 'everything else' at the bottom, which contains rest of unarchived inbox.

"Our inboxes get filled with hundreds of e-mails daily, but only a few of them require our immediate attention. Even with dozens of Gmail filters, important messages often get lost in the pile, leading to lost opportunities or missed meetings," said Keith Coleman, Gmail Product Director.

"Important messages bubble to the top, while e-mails that still require attention can sit in the Starred section until they"re addressed. It basically takes the Gmail Multiple Inboxes feature and adds a smart algorithm for cherry picking the threads that require your attention," he added.

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