UFC 118: Diaz takes down Davis in 'The Fight'

Written by: Samyuktha
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Boston, Aug 30: The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 118 began with a nail-biting welterweight bout between Nate Diaz took and Marcus Davis, which also ended up winning the 'Fight of The Night' honours.

The fight was neck-to-neck in the first round but it all went downhill for Davis after that as Diaz overpowered him with effective long reach shots and accuracy.

Davis managed to drop Diaz in the first round but that was it. Even though he continued to land harder shots, Diaz took control with growing accuracy in every successive shot.

Diaz, who kept his distance, managed to throw a punch right into Davis' right eye. This added to the struggle that Davis was facing against Diaz.

Evidently tired in the third round, Davis received more blows to go down bleeding and with a swollen right eye while Diaz claimed his third win in his past four fights and his fourth 'Fight of The Night' honours.

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