Snazzy Napper deemed most 'ridiculous' travel product ever

Written by: Samyuktha
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Melbourne, Aug 30 (ANI): A new product that offers sleepy travellers 'privacy in a bag' is being labelled by some as the 'most ridiculous travel product ever.'

The Snazzy Napper is essentially a blanket and an eye-mask in one.

It includes a hole for the nose and storage pockets.

"They (other passengers) don't have to look at you with your mouth open while you sleep," the Courier Mail quoted creator Margaret Wilson as saying

"It's like privacy in a bag," she added.

YouTube viewers have declared the product as 'a joke'.

Malison said, "This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. People would make fun of you."

Another user EffOne95 asked the obvious question: "And this differs from an eye-mask and blanket combination how?"

To address the issue of airport security not allowing the product, Wilson said she tried to make the Snazzy Napper look friendly by putting "z"s and sheep designs on it.

Others voiced concerns that wearing the blanket could draw attention to those sleeping and therefore make them more vulnerable to crimes such as stealing.

Not everyone thinks its ridiculous though.

Nubierunner09 said, "It's not a joke! I have a Snazzy and I love it. I take it with me on aeroplanes and car trips because I hate light beaming when I sleep and I always feel like folks are watching me."

The Snazzy Napper costs from 15-25 dollars plus a 10 dollars fee for those living outside of the US. (ANI)

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