Insufficient fund to create instability in Pak?

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Islamabad, Aug 30: US senator John Kerry stated that flood affected Pakistan is in need for more international relief fund to avert the instability in the country.

According to Kerry, Pakistan is suffering with hunger and health problem resulting after the massive flood hit the country and the international community is not executing its aid responsibility towards the country expectedly.

"Pakistan has made enormous strides in combating extremism and terrorism at great sacrifice. But its ability to keep up the fight requires an effective response to this crisis," claimed Kerry.

Pakistan has struggled with its response to the massive flooding, which has left one-fifth of the country under water.

Pakistanis have grown increasingly angry with the slow government response, and are turning to Islamist charities, some of them tied to militant groups.

"We don't want politicians. We want the Islamic groups in power. The government just steals," said an outrageous Pakistani student.

The United States worries that the battle against Islamist militants may have got tougher in Pakistan.

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