Denying minorities flood aid shows how low Pak as a nation has stooped to: Editorial

Written by: Nitsi
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Islamabad, Aug.28 (ANI): Amid the massive humanitarian crisis in Pakistan, reports have emerged about how local authorities are discriminating in relief and rescue operations on the basis of caste, which is utterly shameful for a country which boasts of a democratic set-up.

Days ago reports revealed that the Pakistani administration was neglecting people belonging to the minority Ahmedia sect amidst the devastating floods, which has inundated nearly one-fifth part of the nation.

Now, the state's even more dirty face has been uncovered with Hindus and Christians complaining of discrimination against them at a time when the raging flood waters have snatched all their belongings rendering them homeless and also hopeless.

An editorial in one Pakistan's leading English dailies slammed the Pakistani government for turning a blind eye towards the plight of the minorities in the country amid the devastating floods.

The Daily Times editorial stated that by neglecting the minorities in this hour of crisis, Pakistani authorities have only earned more disgrace for themselves from the world.

"This is in clear violation of all humanitarian norms as well as our constitution. We saw Hindu families helping out flood victims in Sindh irrespective of religion, caste or creed, but when our state discriminates against its own citizens on the basis of religion, it shows how low as a nation we have stooped to," it said.

The editorial called on both the country's leadership and masses to stop this religious nepotism, which has prevailed in the country since its emergence, if it wants to progress as a nation.

"Humanity is conspicuous by its absence. If we want to progress as a nation, we need to close the doors on our prejudices. For far too long we have let religious bigots call the shots; now is the time to stand up to them and say no to religious exclusivism," it said. (ANI)

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