Trapped Chilean miners ask for beer, peaches

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London, Aug.25 (ANI): The 33 miners trapped in an underground mine in Chile spoke to rescuers by radio and have asked for cold beer, peaches and toothbrushes.

Chile's Minister for Mines, Laurence Golborne, said he spoke with Luis Urzua, 54, the shift in charge, who said: "Shift foreman here, we are all healthy and hungry, waiting for you to rescue us."

The miners then broke out into a spontaneous version of the Chilean national anthem when the minister told them: "The whole country is praying for you."

The singing brought tears of joy to relatives on the surface.

Afterwards, the minister said: "They are safe and well, all healthy except for one who has stomach pain. They say they are very hungry for obvious reasons. "More than one of them asked us to send them a cold brew."

The diggers made their requests as their first relief package was delivered to them half-a-mile beneath the surface, The Sun reports.

The men were found on Sunday, 17 days after they were trapped when an entrance tunnel collapsed at the San Jose facility.

Doctors fear some of them could be driven mad by the news they could remain in the confined space until Christmas.

Health chiefs in Chile have asked NASA for help in keeping the workers alive in cramped conditions with limited supplies.

Radio contact was made today through a six-inch borehole.

Paula Newman, a doctor in charge of monitoring the miners' health, said rescuers have sent down a glucose solution and medication to prevent ulcers.

She said they should wait another day before taking solid foods.

They will then be given high-protein, high-calorie foods, including a liquid yoghurt specially designed for astronauts. (ANI)

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