China crash: 8-year-old survivor recalls rescue

Written by: Samyuktha
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Beijing, Aug 25: A eight-year-old boy has miraculously survived the tragic plane crash, which killed 42 people and injured over 54, in China's Heilongjiang Province.

"Someone dragged me to the emergency exit door and threw me out," the child recalled.

"Someone dragged me to the emergency exit door and threw me out before I realized what was going on," added the eight-year-old, identified as Ji Yifan.

Just as Ji slid down the evacuation slide, which was already on fire, fell apart.

"I fell to the ground. Again someone dragged me aside," he is quoted as saying in Xinhua.

The passenger aircraft, Embraer E-190, crashed and burned after it overshot the runway while landing at Yichun citys Lindu airport on Tuesday, Aug 24 night at 9:36 pm.

Another survivor recalled that the flight was experiencing turbulence after the crew announced the aircraft was about to land.

"There were four or five bad turbulence and luggage in the overhead bin were raining down. Everyone panicked. Those sitting in the back began rushing to the front of the cabin," the man said.

"There was smog, which I knew was toxic. I held my breath and ran on until I saw a burning hole on one side of the cabin. I crawled out and ran at least 100 meters to ensure I was safe," he added.

The captain and an attendant, two of the five crew members on board the ill-fated flight, have also survived the crash.

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