US man to travel round the world sans luggage

Written by: Samyuktha
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Washington, Aug 21 (ANI): A man from America has revealed that he will be travelling around the world over the next six weeks without carrying any luggage.

Rolf Potts, 39, a travel writer from Kansas, will set off on August 21 with just the clothes on his back.

"Not even a man-purse or a fanny pack. Just things in my pockets," ABC News quoted him as saying.

He will fly from New York to London and then overland through Western Europe to Morocco, and from there he will fly to Cairo, then South Africa and then Bangkok.

From there he will travel overland again to Singapore, fly to New Zealand then Los Angeles and finish up on land in New York on October 2.

"All without a scrap of luggage," Potts proudly stated.

"I've always been big on travelling light. This is just the ultimate manifestation and test of that habit," he added.

Normally carrying just a small backpack that can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, plus a daypack, this time he plans to wear one set of clothes: a T-shirt under a long-sleeve shirt, a travel vest, cargo pants, socks and underwear.

In his pockets of his cargo pants will be: A toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, passport, credit and debit cards, iPod and bluetooth keyboard, an extra t-shirt, two extra socks, two extra pairs of underwear, glasses, contact lens solution, lip balm, a small tube of sunscreen, a small digital camera, pocket notebook and pen, a 2-ounce bottle concentrated detergent, a 2-ounce bottle of multipurpose soap and a handkerchief.

The trip is being sponsored by ScotteVest, which makes travel clothing with lots of pockets, and BootsNall, an online travel community. (ANI)

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