Ex-US Ambassador warns of Taliban, Al-Qaeda takeover of inundated Pak

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Washington, Aug.18 (ANI): As the world expresses concerns over the massive aid being flown into Pakistan for the flood victims landing into the Taliban's hands, former United States Ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Chamberlin has warned of a nightmarish situation where the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban could take advantage of the chaos created by the deluge.

Chamberlain, who is currently the president of the Middle East Institute, said Pakistani authorities should tighten the screws to deal with situation where the Taliban might try to overthrow the weak government and take control.

"I think we need to plan for a worst-case scenario, a nightmare scenario, and that nightmare scenario is an Al Qaeda, Taliban-type takeover of the government," CBS quoted Chamberlin, as saying.

Chamberlain stressed that the Pakistan government was already weak and unpopular before the massive floods, which has affected nearly 20 million people and submerged almost one-fifth of the country, and the meek response to the crisis has only made matters worse for the 'democratic' set up.

"An extremist government in Pakistan would have its finger on the atomic weapons arsenals," she said.

While stories of hard line Islamist groups lending helping hands to the flood victims has the international community worried, the incumbent US Ambassador to the inundated country, Anne Patterson, still believes that there is no need to worry and that things are under control.

"Stories about extremist organizations being the only players out there are greatly exaggerated," Patterson said. (ANI)

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