Ultimate millionaire's toy boat 'built like a shark to jump 12 feet into air'

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Aug 17(ANI): A boat built by American company Innespace, resembling a great white shark which can roll from side to side and jump 12 feet into the air, is being dubbed as the ultimate millionaire's toy. he 60,000-pound two-seat submersible watercraft, called Seabreacher X, looks like a great white shark, complete with dorsal fin, gaping jaws and rows of dagger-sharp teeth.

At 16.5 feet in length, it is even the same size as the marine mammal, and can reach up to speeds of 50 mph on water or 25 mph after diving below the surface.

Among the high-tech features on the luxury boat are a snorkel mounted video camera that can transmit live video to LCD screens for the pilot and passengers during dives, GPS navigation and on board stereo with iPod docking.

"The Seabreacher X is really for people with a large disposable income who want to have fun. It's pretty popular in the Middle East, but we've also sold them to clients in Korea and the Caribbean," The Daily Mail quoted Rob Innes, Seabreacher's co-owner, as saying.

"The new drag-boat style wrap-around canopy was primarily designed to reduce heat build up in the cockpit. This, combined with the gaping jaws, give the whole vessel a far more menacing presence."

"This isn't a submarine, you're not going to visit the Titanic in it. It's more of a cross between a plane and a boat, and we've been improving the models constantly so they can do more and more tricks," he added.

Innes further said that the company plans to build 10 Seabreacher X with two already pre-sold. (ANI)

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