Brit pupils as young as six subject teachers to sexual abuse

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Aug 16 (ANI): Logs kept by local councils in Britain and just released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that pupils as young as six have subjected teachers to sexual abuse.

The shocking reports also revealed that a growing number of kids all over Britain have ogled, groped and even threatened to rape staff, with hundreds of teachers propositioned or ridiculed.

The reports, detailing incidents over three years involving both primary and secondary school teachers, showed children even fondled themselves in class to embarrass them.

In one incident a boy aged six made "sexual suggestions" to a 49-year-old woman teacher in the West Midlands, while a boy of eight licked a teacher's leg and touched her breast in Cambridge.

In Scotland a 16-year-old announced to his class he was going to rape their teacher, and in another case a girl flashed her undies at a male teacher and "massaged herself in a sexual manner" in front of him.

The reports list a total of 305 incidents, and it included other women being grabbed by their bottom or breasts, with one even being followed into the loo.

Most culprits were only suspended, and then allowed back into class, and in some cases no action was taken at all.

But experts fear that it is much worse, as the reports were compiled by only 45 of 206 local authorities responsible for education.

"This behaviour is not appropriate. Schools need strong policies," the Sun quoted the Association of Teachers and Lecturers as saying. (ANI)

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