US starts talks on visa fee hike issue

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Washington, Aug 12: Obama government began a dialogue with lawmakers, businessman and within the government on the much discussed issue of visa fee hike for highly skilled IT professionals.

He added, "We've also had conversations across the government and we are listening to the concerns that business leaders have indicated and will be continuing our dialogue on this issue.

US produced the the bill to raise $ 600 million to secure the US-Mexico border with a steep hike in H-1B and L-1 visas fees for companies with less than half American employees.

"This legislation seeks to raise revenue for broader border security by taxing mostly Indian companies that are investing heavily in our country," said US-India Business Council President, Ron Somers.

Somers stated that the "discriminatory" bill against foreign companies would undermine investment relations with India as it would largely hurt Indian IT professionals coming to the US on H-1B and L-1 visas.

President Barack Obama, however, continued his campaign against outsourcing as he signed into law an act that reduces or suspends tariffs paid by American companies on certain imports needed to manufacture their products.

"We will rebuild this economy stronger than before and at its heart will be three powerful words, 'Made in America'," said Obama.

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