What is the future of BlackBerry in India?

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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New Delhi, Aug: 'Will India ban BlackBerry services?' This is the latest million Dollar question in telecom market. If it happens, what will be the future of one million BlackBerry users in India?

Indian government wants Research in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry maker, to access to encrypted messages sent through their phones, which use codes with an encryption of 256 bits. The encryption of data makes countering terror threats and national security matters difficult.

On Thursday, Aug 12, government held a crucial meeting to fix the deadline for RIM to share encryption details. But RIM skipped the meeting and state-run BSNL attended the meeting. It was not clear whether any of the major private carriers attended.

Later a senior official of RIM's BlackBerry services met Home Minister P Chidambaram to discuss the situation.

A senior government official told on Wednesday, Aug 11, that the government would ask mobile phone operators to block BlackBerry messaging and email.

Still the debate over the issue continues between India government and RIM, but at least 1 million BlackBerry users are in confusion about the future. India is one of RIM's fastest growing markets.

If government decides to ban BlackBerry services, then the users would only be able to use the devices for phone calls and Internet browsing, just like any other ordinary smartphones.

BlackBerry is the favourite product for business executives, politicians and individual consumers because of its secure communications. If RIM comprise with government needs, it will affect the image of BlackBerry.

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