The Navy, Coast Guard tries to contain oil spill off Mumbai coast

Written by: Nairita Das
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Mumbai, Aug 9 (ANI): The Navy and the Coast Guard are continuing their effort to contain the oil spill off the coast of Mumbai on Monday caused by the collision between two cargo ships during the weekend.

Two Panamanian ships collided near Mumbai's coast during the weekend and all crew members were rescued.

One of the ships, carrying a cargo of diesel and lubricant oil capsized, triggering an oil slick that had spread to a distance of 2 nautical miles, a navy official said.

Officials said aerial spraying of chemicals to contain the spill was going on. But oil was still leaking from the cargo and the slick was likely to spread farther because of the tide and windy conditions.

Ravi, a fisherman said he was an eyewitness to the collision when the two ships rammed into each other on Saturday morning.

"It happened two or three days ago when we were putting our nets (to catch fish) then this ship was coming. The collision happened in front of our eyes," Ravi said.

Heman Kohli, another fisherman said the water in the entire area had got contaminated from the leak.

"They are saying don't put your nets (in the sea) for four days because water has been contaminated by oil. Now what will we do?" Kohli said.

The port has suspended operations and fishermen have been advised not to move out.(ANI)

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