Speeding middle-class UK motorists are 'hypocrites'

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Aug 9 (ANI): Middle-class motorists in the UK are fine as long as they break the laws on road, but curse others when they do the same thing, says one of the country's longest serving chief constables.

Julie Spence, the outgoing head of Cambridgeshire police, said that the biggest problem perceived by the public in her county is speeding drivers in rural areas and illegal parking by parents outside schools.

"People think we should be able to get away with it. They wouldn't tolerate lawbreaking by somebody else but they do it themselves without thinking," The Telegraph quoted Spence as saying.

"It all seems OK until something tragic happens, like their child dies because of a road traffic accident," she added.

"Easy credit, drink as much as you can, have it when you want, buy this, buy that and buy the other," she says.

"This irresponsibility costs - you play while others pay - and I think we have got to the point where we need to have a little more responsibility."

However, others have a different story to tell.

Many motorists who are caught speeding complain that they are "soft" targets used to produce funds - speeding fines raise about 100million pounds a year - and that the police should be targeting serious criminals instead. (ANI)

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