DNSSEC: Internet application to hack cyber crime

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Las Vegas, Jul 30: As the Internet is going under a key up gradation, it has promised to stop cyber criminals from using fake websites that dupe people into downloading viruses or revealing personal data.

The Domain Name System Security Extensions, referred to as DNSSEC, basically adds a secret, identifying code to each website address.

The domain name system is where the world"s internet addresses are registered and plays a key role in enabling computers around the world to speak with one another online.

According to a computer security specialist, applications commonly used on the internet can be tailored to essentially check the ID of a website to make certain it is what it claims to be.

Web browser software such as Google or Bing could be adapted to tell whether a bank log-in page is authentic.

He also added, "when a user receives an email from a bank they should know it came from a bank."

However, internet firms will take time to adapt the advantage of DNSSEC and for it to be applied to local domains in every country.

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