No sympathy for exiting BP CEO Tony Hayward

Written by: Samyuktha
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Washington, Jul 28: There seems to be absolutely no sympathy for Tony Hayward as the the exiting CEO of BP's grouses over how he has been 'demonized' by the media has prompted a rather rude retort from the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

According to ABC News, Hayward had complained to Gibbs on how he had been “demonized and vilified" in the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Life isn't fair. Sometimes you step off the pavement and get hit by a bus," Hayward told reporters on Tuesday, Jul 27.

But Gibbs had no reconciliatory words for Hayward and he shot back, “What's not fair is what's happened on the Gulf. What's not fair is that the actions of some have caused the greatest environmental disaster that our country's ever seen."

“I will say this, I don't think that a lot of people in any country are feeling overly sorry for the former CEO of BP," he added.

He said that who the CEO is, was “immaterial" and what really matters to the government is that the company as a whole takes responsibility for the environmental disaster.

“Our concern is not who heads BP Mr Hayward is - is leaving. The key is that B.P. can't leave and should not leave the Gulf. That is our viewpoint. I think that's the viewpoint of everyone that's involved here, that they have obligations and responsibilities as the responsible party in this instance that have to be met regardless of who the CEO is or who the chair of the - of the company is," Gibbs said.

The Press Secretary also informed that President Obama had discussed the leadership change with BP"s Chairman of the Board in a phone call.

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