BJP invites opposition to unite against price rise

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New Delhi, Jul 28: BJP President Nitin Gadkari had urged all the opposition parties to be united against UPA government over rising price policies.

Gadkari said, "we are fighting against price rise in Parliament. I want support of the entire Opposition."

He expected that other Opposition parties will support BJP on the issue.

Congress preferred to put public money in sectors where private sector was already working, instead of investing in villages and the farm sector, claimed Gadkari.

He had also said that while Congress claims to work on slogans like 'garibi hatao', it was actually trying to "wipe out" the poor.

Gadkari had claimed that government can not become a businessman.

"They invested money even in hotels, they had to be sold at throw away prices as the sector was making huge losses," added Gadkari.

So Gadkari had requested various opposition parties to join hands against rising prices with BJP.

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