Delhi: Robbers find new way to rob

Written by: Mamatha
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New Delhi, Jul 27: A gang of robbers stole laptop, wallet and various document kept in car of a businessman, when he was looking for a mechanic in north Delhi.

The inicidednt took place on Monday, Jul 27, when the victim, Avdhesh Didwania, was on the way to his relative's house.

Avdesh said,  “I was on my way to a relative"s house in Roop Nagar. I felt that there was insufficient air in the front left wheel when I reached the Tis Hazari crossing. An untidy man who seemed to be in his 20s came up to me, knocked on my window and said that I needed to get it repaired. I said 'thanks" and drove off."

Another man gave him the same advice, when he was waiting at the Clock Tower crossing near Kamla Nagar 10 minutes later.

“I ignored him and kept driving towards Roop Nagar," said the businessman.

Before he could enter the Roop Nagar area, the tubeless tyre burst and Avdhesh was forced to park his vehicle by the roadside and look for a mechanic.

"When I came back, I found my left window broken and my laptop, wallet and documents gone," he said.

After examination, the mechanic showed the businessman, the three tyres. “Each had four to five holes that the assailants had punched in to strand me so that they could rob me. When I thought about the sequence of events later, I realized what had happened," he said.

“What struck me as strange was their seemingly helpful attitude in a city known for its apathy. Now I realize they were pretending to be helpful, so that they could rob me and be on their way," later he added.

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