Russian spy Anna to sell her story to media

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New York, Jul 21: Brace yourselves for another page turner and another nail-biting action movie based on the true story of the Russian spy Anna Chapman.

Anna, who has lost all her income, seems to have figured out that the best way to make a living now is through a media deal. Besides her plan of trying to translate her story into a book and a movie, Anna is also set to pose for Playboy.

According to the New York Post, the spy is looking to seal a secret USD 250,000-deal to reveal her espionage adventure - the story on how she infiltrated American society.

She has reportedly asked a London-based friend to discreetly reach out to Crimethe media for a deal, the post reported quoting sources.

She also wants the money to be paid into the Swiss bank account of one of her associates.

"Anna has lost her income. She has had to leave her real-estate business, and won't be getting any more money from the Russian government. She knows a media deal is her best way of earning money. It has even been suggested to her that she might pose for Playboy.

"She hopes this translates into a book deal and movie rights, but how she is paid will have to be carefully controlled. The money cannot come directly to her; so she has suggested it goes to a friend's Swiss account," a source said.

Anna Chapman was arrested in United States and was sent back to Moscow in a spy-swap deal between the Russia and America just a few weeks back.

The spy had agreed not to profit from her story in her plea bargain. Any money she got would go to the US federal government.

This means that she can talk as restricting her freedom of speech would be a crime but she is required not to make money from her story and the details.

However, now that she is back in Russia, United States may not be able to run after her to grab the money she makes from this media deal.

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