Botched breast reduction wins Oz woman 133K dlrs compensation

Written by: Devaki
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Melbourne, July 20 (ANI): A woman in Australia has revealed that she finally feels vindicated after winning a five-year legal battle over a breast reduction op gone wrong.

Bronwyn Hooper, 47, who was left with disfigured breasts because of the operation, was awarded 133,000 dollars as compensation in the County Court against breast surgeon Dr Narine Efe.

"Not many people take on a doctor. It was a big decision. The majority of people don't win against doctors," quoted Hooper as saying.

"I'm ecstatic about the outcome. It's been very hard for me both physically and mentally," she explained.

Dr Efe, who consults in East Melbourne, had removed 1.5kg of tissue from each breast, but the wounds did not heal and Hooper was left with a golf ball-sized hole in her left breast.

Hooper, of Hadfield, North Melbourne, endured months of pain and it was only when she went to visit her mother in Tasmania that the extent of the damage was revealed.

A Hobart GP took one look at her injuries and sent Hooper to a specialist, who operated within days.

She had three operations to remove dead tissue from her breasts and a further three reconstruction operations.

The original operation had taken in April 2004, but it was October 2006 before she had her final reconstruction surgery.

In his judgment, Judge Frank Saccardo said Dr Efe was in breach of her duty of care to Hooper and the operation left her with disfigured, asymmetrical breasts.

"Dr Efe unnecessarily exposed Mrs Hooper to an increased risk of developing complications which should have been avoided," the judge stated. (ANI)

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