BP extends capped oil tests in Gulf of Mexico

Posted By: Devaki
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London, July 18 (ANI): British Petroleum has extended its newly capped Gulf of Mexico oil tests by 24 hours.

According to the BBC, the US official in charge of the spill clean-up, Admiral Thad Allen, said the "integrity test" would not stop until Sunday afternoon.he flow of oil was shut off at on July 15, 2010.

"As we continue to see success in the temporary halt of oil from the leak, the US government and BP have agreed to allow the well integrity test to continue another 24 hours."

He added that when the test ceased, containment of the spill using surface ships to collect oil would resume.

The new cap has managed to stop the flow of oil for the first time since the well exploded three months ago.

"Based on the data and pressure readings compiled to date, the test has provided us with valuable information which will inform the procedure to kill the well and a better understanding of options for temporary shut-in during a hurricane" BBC quoted him, as saying.

At the end of the test, he assured that the surface ships resuming collection of leaking oil would have the capacity to take up to 80,000 barrels per day.P is drilling relief wells, which aim to intercept the leaking one at the end of July, enabling it to be sealed by mid-August.

The spill has been described as the worst environmental disaster the US has ever seen. Eleven workers were killed when the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up on 20 April 2010. (ANI)

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