Renegade Afghan soldier claims responsibility for killing three British troops

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, July 16 (ANI): A man, Talib Hussein claiming to be a rogue Afghan soldier has said that he had killed three UK troops after being angered by British conduct.

According to the BBC, Hussain claimed that he joined the Taliban after the attack.

Britain's Ministry of Defence said on Friday that it was aware of the claim.

"While we cannot comment on the legitimacy of this individual's claims to be the suspect responsible for this cowardly attack, it is ridiculous to suggest that we are engaged in suicide attacks or are deliberately killing civilians," the report quoted the ministry, as saying.

"Insurgents and those who are against the coalition mission in Afghanistan routinely make false and exaggerated claims and so care must be taken not to accept their accounts at face value," it added.

The three soldiers of the Gurkha Rifles, who were killed in a gun and rocket-propelled grenade attack on Tuesday include Major James Joshua Bowman from Wiltshire, Lieutenant Neal Turkington from Craigavon, and Corporal Arjun Purja Pun from Nepal.

In a telephonic interview with BBC, Hussain accused them of killing civilians including children and said the Taliban were Mujahideen fighting for their own country while the British soldiers were not there to secure and reconstruct Afghanistan.

Hussain belongs to the Hazara ethnic group and had spent a couple of years in Iran. After returning to Afghanistan a year ago, he had joined the Afghan army. (ANI)

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