Cattle die of dehydration in Jharkhand's Palamu district

Written by: Mamatha
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Daltonganj, Jul 16 (ANI): Dehydration caused by a peculiar disease is causing death of animals in Karso village of Palamu district in Jharkhand.

Already facing drought for the last three years, the villagers are now losing their cattle because of the disease.

A villager said cattle and farming are their main source of income, and the deaths of animals are hurting them.

"We are facing this problem (drought) from many years. Cattle and farming is our main source of income. From past two three years we are not being able to do farming. We cannot even produce fodder for the cattle. We have informed government authorities about our plight, they visited our area but no action has been taken by them," said a farmer.

Another villager said drought is the reason behind the deaths as there is no cultivation of fodder.

"The forests are vanished due to lack of moisture in the area which affects our cattle. Our farmlands are dry and we are not being able to grow anything. We cannot produce fodder for cattle, which leads to starvation and continuous death of cattle in our area. More than two dozens of cattle died in a month and rest are on the verge of death," added another villager.

A veterinary doctor said that dehydration caused by a disease among cattle leads to their death.

"Cattle are dying due to dehydration. Cattle are suffering from a disease in which swell their mouth and produces more saliva in the mouth of cattle. It decreases water from their body. This is the reason behind the continuous death of the animals. If some dehydration medicines will be given to the cattle combine with water then this disease can be cured," said Rajesh, veterinary doctor.

Each year under the beating summer sun, Indian farmers scan the skies with mounting desperation, waiting for the monsoon clouds to release their deluge and soak the parched land.

Even though India is increasingly known for its high-tech prowess, its billion-plus people and economy are still at the mercy of the fickle rains. (ANI)

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