Ultra long lasting insulin coming soon

Written by: Devaki
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New Delhi, Jul 13: The diabetic patients might not have to constantly keep a tab on their glucose levels and take insulin shots frequently, in the future.

A team of Indian researchers at the National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi, have developed a new form of insulin which help the patients to control the blood sugar level in an easy way. They have developed a new insulin which could help maintain the normal blood sugar level as long as 120 days, where as the prevailing insulin types last in the body only for 16-18 hours.

The diabetic patients would have to take a shot of insulin only once in every four to five months and do not have to go through the pinpricks frequently to inject the doses of medicine.

The new insulin was developed under the guidance of Professor Avadhesha Surolia. The team spent around 2 million rupees and took two years to come with the new solution.

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