New anti-corruption regulation enforced on Chinese officials

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New Delhi, July 12 (ANI): China has issued a new anti-corruption regulation, which would require the 'officials' to report changes in their marital status, the whereabouts of their spouses and children if they have moved abroad, personal incomes, housing as well as their family's investments.

According to Xinhua, the General Office of China's State Council and the General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee have issued the regulation, which defines 'officials' as those leaders holding official ranks of and above county level in government agencies, democratic parties, public institutions, state owned enterprises and state holding enterprises.

The new regulation requires officials to report changes in their marital status and the location of their spouses and children if they have moved abroad, within 30 days after such a change takes place.

Specifically, officials should report their ownership of passports or visas and their children's marital status if they are married to foreigners or residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Officials should also report any businesses their spouses and children are involved in, both within China and abroad.

The regulation also requires officials to report their ownership of property, including property in their spouses' or children's names, their family's investment in financial assets and in enterprises.

"If officials fail to report honestly or in a timely fashion, they would face punishment to various degrees, even as harsh as removal of official ranks," the regulation states.

It also ordered party organizations at all levels to strengthen management and supervision over officials to guarantee the implementation of the regulation.

This new regulation is considered an important measure to ensure strict self-discipline for party and Government officials and to improve the intra-party supervision system. (ANI)

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