Haryana moves to prevent spread of water-borne diseases in flood-hit areas

Written by: Devaki
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Kurukshetra (Haryana), July 12 (ANI): The administration in Haryana is moving to prevent water-borne diseases from spreading in the state's flood-affected districts.

The districts of Ambala, Kurukshetra and Kaithal are among the worst affected.

Medical teams have been dispatched to every block with adequate medicines. They have sprayed pesticides and dispersed lime in the affected areas.

"In every block senior medical officer is supervising the work. I have also sent deputy civil surgeons in the area. I have five deputy civil surgeons and I have allotted areas to them. They will be supervising their own areas," claimed Vijay Garg, Kurukshetra's Chief Medical Officer.

The medical department has also announced precautionary measures to check the outbreak of disease.

"People should use clean water for drinking, they should put chlorine tablets if they are using tanker water. People should not use ice during floods, wash fruits and vegetables before consumption, don't consume chopped fruits and overcooked food," said Garg.

Floods have partially submerged villages in low-lying areas, which led people to take shelter on rooftops. Thousand acres of land for farming has been washed away. All the crops have been destroyed and the dry fodder has been destroyed.

So far, eleven people have died and the state has incurred Rs.6.5 billion in losses, including damage to crops, property and roads. (ANI)

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