Woman's strip show shocks underground rush-hour commuters in UK

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, July 10 (ANI): A woman in Britain has left many rush-hour commuters in a state of shock when she dramatically stripped off and leapt naked into a packed Tube train.

The striptease took place at the height of the morning rush at the Elephant and Castle terminal, and commuters watched in disbelief as the young woman peeled off her raincoat before taking off her knickers and bra on a crowded platform.

"I couldn't believe my eyes when suddenly she threw off her garments and ran stark naked along the platform," the Scotsman quoted a commuter as saying.

Disbelieving travellers picked up the skimpy garments she left in her wake, but before they could reunite her with her clothes, she bounded on to a waiting Tube train.

However, station staff ordered the driver to stop while she was persuaded to cover her modesty and step back on to the platform.

"It was all surreal and nobody really knew what to do," Caroline Flyn, 24, who was shoved aside by the streaker, said.

"The girl was in her 20s and wearing a cream-coloured raincoat over her underwear. Suddenly, she took everything off, sparking utter confusion.

"She was shouting at and dodging past anyone who tried to help her. No one knew quite what to do. People were smothering smiles, but unsure whether to be amused or concerned," she added.

The woman was eventually escorted off the platform by Transport for London staff. (ANI)

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