Popularity of Lady Gaga's "doe-eyed" look raises safety concerns

Written by: Devaki
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Washington, July 8 (ANI): Lady Gaga's 'big-eyed effect', made popular by the singer in her Bad Romance video, is increasingly gaining popularity among teens who are using "circle lenses" to change the look of their eyes in size and colour.

While Gaga's look in the video was largely computer generated, more and more teens are reportedly using lenses for the "doe-eyed" look.

Makeup artist Michelle Pham made "circle lenses" a huge hit on YouTube, after she demonstrated how to use them. To date, she's had almost ten million hits.

"The contacts are made overseas and are designed to radically change the look of eyes in size and or colour," CBS News quoted Pham, as saying.

These lenses are immensely popular in Asia with Korean pop stars, and now more Americans are sporting the look.

However, the so-called circle lenses are banned in the US because they're not FDA approved. And until now no American manufacturer is making them.

Most lenses are made in Asia, purchased online and are extensively promoted on Facebook.

But doctors fear the lack of quality control, as with any lens, could cause eye infections, damage to the cornea, even loss of vision.

Dr. S. Barry Eiden, the Chair of the Contact Lens and Cornea Section of the American Optometric Association, said: "We have no control of where they're manufactured, what their processes are and they're not being fit and appropriately medically cared for by licensed eye doctors."

Eiden added: "There's nothing wrong with wanting to change eye color as long as its safe and in an approved way under the guidance of a licensed professional." (ANI)

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