Customer-targeted rituals not always good for business: Study

Written by: Samyuktha
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Washington, July 8 (ANI): Singing 'Happy Birthday' to customers in a restaurant might create a good impression on some, but it can leave others embarrassed, even resentful, says a new study.

"Not all customers want to be entertained. Some just want to escape and be left alone. So the bottom line here is that businesses really need to consider their target audience before creating rituals that are effectively forced on people," said researcher Cele Otnes from University of Illinois.

The survey revealed that some customers felt that these rituals violated their sense of privacy and left them feeling hemmed in, embarrassed or even resentful.

Otnes suggested that businesses should carefully consider whether rituals are optional or embedded into the business model, making them a standard practice that customers have little chance to avoid.

She also said that retailers and service providers should seek feedback from customers to understand how they feel about these rituals - be it cooking at the table or singing a birthday song.

"Businesses should not just be on autopilot when they're creating rituals," she said.

"They really need to understand the difference between optional and embedded, and the potential consequences of forcing customers to sit through certain rituals." (ANI)

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