US woman offers $1k as reward to anyone who can get her a new job!

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Texas, July 7 (ANI): A woman in the US, who is so frustrated with being unemployed for more than a year, has offered 1,000 dollars as reward to anyone who can help her get a permanent job.

Sonja Funakura, 51, has saved 500 dollars and a friend has offered to give the other 500 dollars.

"It's based on if I get a job offer," quoted her as saying.

"I figure the worst case scenario, I'll give them my first paycheck. Literally. That's better than going another year like this," she said.

Funakura is a financial analyst and has worked as an accountant, but got laid off more than a year ago.

After fifteen months of searching, e-mailing hundreds of resumes, and landing only one job interview, Funakura came up with the idea of a 1,000-dollar reward on June 30.

"I was just sitting there thinking 'Money talks. Money really talks'," she revealed.

Funakura said she has already cut back on everything. She hasn't bought clothes or perfume in two years, and though she enjoys it, she only mows her large lawn sparingly in order to save gas.

And even worse for her is that her 50,000 dollars in savings has also run out.

On Facebook, Funakura offered to do yard work or haul off trash for free, just to feel productive until someone claims her 1,000 dollar reward and helps her rejoin the workforce. (ANI)

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