Canadian man convicted for attempting to export nuclear-related material to Iran

Written by: Devaki
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London, July 7 (ANI): The Ontario Court in Canada has convicted a 36-year-old man, Mahmoud Yadegari from Toronto of nine criminal and customs charges for attempting to export nuclear-related materials to Iran in violation of sanctions.

According to the Telegraph, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada have revealed that other offences of Yadegari include forgery and violations of the Customs Act, related to his attempts to ship pressure transducers to Iran in 2009.

The paper stated that the items, manufactured in the United States, can be used in nuclear power plants but are also required to produce nuclear weapons. They are subject to a UN embargo on nuclear exports to Iran and are on Canada's export control list.

Justice Cathy Mocha concluded on Tuesday that the Crown had proven its case on nine of the ten charges that Yadegari faced, acquitting him on one count of making a false document.

Yadegari was arrested in April 2009 for failing to obtain required permits to export the so-called "dual use" items.

Some of the offences Yadegari was found guilty of carry maximum sentences of 10 years in prison and 500,000 dollars fines.

Yadegari will be sentenced on July 29.

According to the report, in October 2009, a senior Canadian customs official warned that Iran was attempting to acquire clandestine shipments via Canada for its nuclear program after authorities seized everything from centrifuge parts to programmable logic controllers being shipped to the Middle East nation through third countries.

Microchips identified as possible "navigational chips" from the United States, Denmark and Japan were marked as headed for the United Arab Emirates, but officials suspected the end destination was Iran. (ANI)

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