Ima Gay, Ben Dover, Pat Fenis, Ada Poo among world's weirdest names

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, July 3 (ANI): A book by late British author Russell Ash has revealed the weird names that some parents choose for their kids, names like, Ima Gay, Ada Poo, Fanny E C Lay, Ben Dover and Zaiboom McDoom.

Ash lists 3,000 of the most unfortunate titles in his new book, "Frou-Frou, Frisby and Brick", and he had to go through a lot of official records to find the world's most comical names.

The book had names that sounded like professions, actions, appendages, things, and many more.

It had names like Ben Dover, Anna Sassin, Pete Sake, Rusty Pipes, Rhoda Broom, Joy Rider, Justin Case, John Thomas Willy, Sandy Beach, Pat Fenis, Eva Faithful, Bonk Register, Booby Ogle and Wiggy Piggy.

One Lancashire-born baby was named Wooloomooloo Roscoe, while others had an animal connotation to their name, like Elle Fant, Don Key, and Ura Buffalo.

Others were Placenta Hightshoe, Plegm Click, Hysteria Johnson and Lallu Lala Lad, along with Love Reading, Lovely Day, Lucious Bacon, Tiny Man and Young Love.

The pages also list Wee Girlie Potter, Womble Scoggins, Jangle Bowles, Gush Treacle, Grunt Little, Dong Dong, Ping Pong, Rip Van Wonkis, Fizzy Allgood and Pedor File.

Those likely to have been made fun off at school included Ophelia Balls, Pearl E Gates, Olive Branch, Mary Zarse, Ed Banger, Isaac Balls, Etta Lott, Dick Bellend, Eric Schon and Randy Bumgardner.

The book also had a chapter of those who have deliberately changed their names.

They were Daniel Westfallen who is now Happy Adjustable Spanners, George Garratt now Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined.

Gary Brett changed his name to Hong Kong Phooey, Steven Lane to Jellyfish McSavaloy, and Martin Smith to Martin Felix Oddsocks McWeirdo El-Tooty Fruity Farto Hello Hippopotamus Bum.

"It was my publisher who suggested I did the book. I had to be careful of people who are still alive because of legal reasons," the Sun quoted the author from Lewes, East Sussex, as having said.

"Sometimes parents get it horribly wrong and all these names have come from birth registers, census returns and official documents.

"They are all 100 per cent genuine and come from official documents," he had said.

The book is published by Headline and is priced at 6.99 pounds. (ANI)

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