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Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Wellington, Jul 2: Walk n' charge, talk n' talk! Now you can charge your mobile phones while you walk.

This new charger which can be fitted with the sole of your shoes will produce power when you walk. This will help you to charge your mobile phones while you walk to market, office or even while you jog.

Mobile phone company European Telco Orange has developed a charging prototype - a set of thermoelectric gumboots or Wellington boots with a 'power generating sole' that converts heat from the wearer"s feet into electrical power.

"In the sole of the Wellington boot there"s a thermocouple and if you apply heat to one side of the thermocouple and cold to the other side it generates an electrical charge," said Dave Pain, designer and managing director of GotWind, an energy firm.

"That electrical charge then pass through to a battery which you"ll find in the heel of the boot for storage of the electrical power for later use to charge your mobile phone." he added.

But the power boots have one drawback. You need to walk for 12 hours to generate one hour"s worth of charge.

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