UK security not to 'pat down' turbans of Sikhs during airport search

Written by: Mamatha
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London, July 2 (ANI): Sikhs living in Britain or those travelling to that country will no longer face the embarassment of having their turbans searched as part of an established security drill.

The Department of Transport has taken cognizance of the Sikh community's complaints on this score almost two months after European lawmakers permitted security staff to pat down and open a Sikh's turban if the metal detector bleeped as they walked through.

Airports have been instructed to stop such searches.

Sikhs will now have their turban scanned by a hand held wand, and will only be subjected to searches by hand if metal is detected in the turban.

The Daily Mail quoted a spokesperson for the Birmingham International Airport,as saying: "On Thursday, the Department for Transport advised all UK airports to continue using the previous methods of screening religious headwear, which eliminates the need to carry out hand searches. We have reacted accordingly."

Sikh community leaders have welcomed the end of the "humiliating and offensive" search. (ANI)

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