Spy network issue not to affect US-Russia ties

Written by: Devaki
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Washington, Jun 30: White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said that the busting of Russian spy network will never have any adverse impact on US-Russia relationship, which has improved significantly under the Obama administration.

Robert Gibbs made the stand clear, after Russia angrily denounced the US arrest of alleged Russian spies as 'baseless'. Gibbs was addressing the media while he was flooded with questions about the arrest of ten espionages by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Monday, Jun 28.

“We have made great progress in the past year and a half, working on issues of mutual concern from a New START treaty to working together on things like in the United Nations dealing with North Korea and Iran. So I do not think that this will affect those relations," Mr. Gibbs said.

He said that US President Barack Obama knew about the network even before he met his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev but the issues were not discussed during their meeting at White House, last week. The arrest was an action taken by law enforcement and handled appropriately in a timely manner.

Philip Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affair, also said that US was in touch with Russian government on this issue, both in US and in Moscow. He added that their relations are beyond a 'cold war'.

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