Rajkot made pipes popular among smokers

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Rajkot, June 26 (ANI): Smoking pipe artisans of Rajkot are a happy lot, as their products are gaining popularity amongst domestic and overseas buyers.

Smoking pipes of various shapes like the traditional smoking pipes, chillum (pipes), hookah (water pipe) are given a special ceramic coat which makes it different from other pipes manufactured in the region.

Makers of the smoking pipe explain that the exclusive nature of the local soil allows coating to be done on the pipes.

"We apply coating to the pipes here. No other artisan in the country can apply coat on pipes other than us because of which our chillums (pipes) are in great demand. Hence the buyers find the pipes more beautiful and durable, so it is gaining demand," said Chotalal Prajapati, a potter.

Dealers informed that the market of the smoking pipes has widened in the country.

"Ceramic-coated pipe is a variety that is made only at Rajkot and we supply it to other parts of the country. These glazy pipes made only in Rajkot are sent to all parts of the country," said Gunvant Shingala, a shopkeeper. (ANI)

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