Canada delivers on G-8 development commitments

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New Delhi, June 24 (ANI):Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon and Minister for International Cooperation Beverley J. Oda have welcomed the release of the G-8 Muskoka Accountability Report and highlighted its findings on Canada's contributions to international development.

"G-8 accountability is a priority for Canada," said Mr. Cannon.

He added: "If the G-8 is to remain credible, it must demonstrate that it is keeping its promises. I am proud of Canada's leadership on accountability and our record of delivering on our commitments."

The Accountability Report takes stock of the G-8 progress in meeting its recent development commitments.

The report is a major step forward in assessing the extent to which the G-8 has lived up to its promises.

Its findings demonstrate the G-8's leadership in catalyzing action, influencing policy and mobilizing resources to address global development challenges.

"This report shows that Canada has a strong record on delivering on G-8 commitments in health, education, food security, peace and security, and to Africa," said Oda.

She added: "Canada is demonstrating the determined political will needed to deliver effective international assistance and achieve sustainable development outcomes."

Highlights of Canada's achievements include:

Doubling its international assistance from 2.5 billion dollars in 2001-2002 to 5 billion dollars in the 2010-2011

Doubling aid to Africa from 2003-2004 levels to 2.16 billion dollars in 2008-2009; untying all food aid and on track to untie all aid by 2012-2013;

Doubling Canadian assistance for sustainable agriculture development to 1.18 billion dollars in 2009;increasing investments to address global health challenges affecting the lives of millions; and supporting efforts in Africa and Latin America to train peacekeepers to resolve conflicts and build peace.

"We are proud of Canada's record of achievement and the significant impact we are having on the lives of millions of people in developing countries," Oda said.

"This report reaffirms that G-8 members must continue to work to meet their commitments and assess their progress," Cannon said.

He added: "As president of the G-8 for 2010 and host of the Muskoka Summit, Canada is ready to do its part." (ANI)

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