World Cup deploys new technology to baffle hackers

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Washington June 22 (ANI): South-African physicists are working on a technology called 'Quantum Cryptography' to thwart hackers from leaking out information about the FIFA World Cup.

It will prevent hackers from monitoring videos, emails and phone calls relayed between Durban's Moses Mabhida Stadium and a nearby operations center for police, firefighters, and military personnel.

"The goal is to ensure not only the confidentially but also the integrity of this information," Fox News quoted Gregoire Ribordy, CEO of ID Quantique in Geneva as saying.

The system has been developed by ID Quantique in Geneva with the help of Senetas Corporation in Australia whose clients are primarily military and financial organizations, which used similar technology to secure ballot information in the 2007 Swiss elections.

The Quantum Cryptography uses the principles of quantum mechanics to provide theoretically uncrackable security.

"It's much easier to hack a system than to make a system secure," Fox News quoted Hoi Kwong Lo, researcher at the University of Toronto, as saying.

Using this technology is a part of a larger plan to deploy quantum security systems throughout Durban. (ANI)

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