Boob job boom - courtesy Cougars

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London, June 19 (ANI): 'Cougars' - middle-aged-women, who date younger men-make up for the fastest growing group that spends a fortune in an effort to look youthful.

Over-45s are fuelling boom in cosmetic surgery, and the glam field has grown up to ten per cent in last two years.

Many of them go for an all-in-one procedure, called TABBY, which costs 16,000 pounds and includes tightening of their arms, boobs, bum and a Youthful face.

Shami Thomas, of surgery firm Transform, claims it reduces ten years from a woman's appearance.

"Dating a younger partner can be totally rejuvenating, but it comes with added pressures. Mature women often feel more determined to retain their youthful looks than those dating a man of a similar age," the Sun quoted her as saying.

Figures from Transform show that tummy tucks and boob job are the most popular form of surgery, with a third of all patients now over 45-with breast enlargements up ten per cent since 2008 and lifts 11 per cent.

Buttock implants to give "a pert rear" and wrinkle-busting Botox treatments have both leapt by 12 per cent.

Fat-reducing liposuction ops are up six per cent, while the number of expensive facelifts has risen four per cent.

It has emerged that women in the North West of England are most likely to go under the knife-and almost one third of all Cougar surgery being among the glamorous Cheshire set. (ANI)

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